Trump Creating 2020 Digital Juggernaut for his ReElection

The President is ramping up on the intimidating digital operations he has been working on since 2018 and doubling down on The White House budget.

The President has made political spending history with already spent $3.5 million on targets facebook ads alone.

The President has already seen dividends, he raised $19 million in cash and raised $130 million in campaigns.

The President’s massive spending comes as Democratic candidates are just recently ramping up their digital spending.

Kamala Harris has spent $300,000 and Elizabeth Warren at $275,000 but have not succeeded as much as Trump has in his first time campaigning for any political office or job.

Each campaign ad on Facebook for The President came at $45 each and his MAGA ads came at $67 each both coming to a whopping $9.7 million in ad revenue alone.

Tara McGowan, the CEO and founder of ACRONYM, says that in order for Democrats to oversee Trump’s political success, opponents must reach there constituents for a longer period of time and at a more personal level rather than paying for ads on social media, which are most likely to not work in there situation.

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