Trump Considers Placing Illegal Aliens in Sanctuary Cities

On Friday, the President said his administration is considering placing Illegal aliens into sanctuaries, but the White House shut down that idea shortly after.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: The President tweeted this morning on Twitter about setting Illegal aliens in sanctuary cities.

He followed his tweet saying, “The Radical Left always seems to have an Open Borders, Open Arms policy, so this should make them very happy!”

DHS: The Proposal was real, and DHS did not believe it was so when they reviewed the proposal they said it was inappropriate and denied the motion.
PRESIDENT TRUMP: Trump has long sought to undermine sanctuary cities, where local government officials generally agree not to enforce federal immigration laws, leaving the job to agencies like ICE.

CONCLUSION: The President tweeted that he is just going to consider placing illegal aliens in Sanctuary cities only because Dems cannot cooperate. DHS denied the proposal and the White House confirmed the plan was real but would have never passed.

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  1. He should do it. It benefits everyone involved! They get their asylum seekers until the hearings and the detention centers remain uncrowded! The Democratic leaders are the ones that set up these cities and it has cost American lives because of their unwillingness to do what needs to be done! They can come legally and actually show up for the hearings or go back to either Mexico to wait or return home! Simple plan! No miss no fuss! If they know they won’t just be turned out with the ability to go anywhere they want while waiting they will stop coming in droves! Watch and see! The reason they come in caravans now is because the news is telling them the fight between Trump and Democrats over funding for the border security is still going on so they run here before the Dems finally admit Trump and his supporters were right this whole time!

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