Trump Cancels Summit with Kim after American Officials stood Up

President Donald Trump cancels Summit with Kim Jon Un after North Koreans stood up American officials in Singapore…

North Korea and The United States agreed to send officials before the actual summit was set to take place in Singapore but the North Koreans were a no show no call.

Senior White House officials told reporters that they waited and waited and the North never showed they didn’t tell us anything they just stood us up.

According to officials, that’s not the only promise Kim Jong Un didn’t keep, “We were told we would be invited to witness and verify today’s demolition” of a nuclear site in Punggye-ri, the official explained. “But that promise was broken. Instead, journalists were invited and we will not have forensic evidence that it was accomplished.”

President Trump remains hopeful that the meeting could still happen at a later date but the President has already spoken with the Secretary of Defence James Mattis and asked him to be at the ready.

President Donald Trump Speaks on the canceled summit:

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