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Trump calls Republicans who don’t disclose their Booster Status ‘Gutless’ while Praising vaccines!…

Trump says any Politician who doesn’t disclose their Booster status is ‘gutless’!

• Trump tells Republicans, “if you got it say it don’t hide or evade the question!”

• Many believe Trump is talking about Ron DeSantis who has dodged questions regarding boosters and if he is triple vaxxed.

• Trump supporters claim that Trump doesn’t want vaccine mandates on the American people, but it looks like he does want it for Politicians!

• Trump doubled down on Boosters on OANN and pressured other Republicans to disclose if they have been boosted.

• Trump supporters have been split over Trump’s revelation that he got the booster, some stating that it’s because of his age or that it’s his right to get one if he wants as long as he isn’t pro mandates on vaccines.

• When Trump first revealed that he got the booster, the crowd booed him at his speaking tour with Bill O’Reilly.

• Trump has doubled and tripled down on vaccines and boosters since that initial revelation.

• Trump also credits himself on creating the vaccines and in record time.

• Republican commentators like Ann Coulter have come out in defense of politicians like Florida Governor Ron Desantis about disclosing his Booster statute at the same time bashing Trump

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  1. FIX 2020 FIRST // President Trump would have agreed to Emergency Use Authorization of Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine. Mandates came later. Fauci lied. Millions died. // Now, sadly & regrettably, the 81,000,000 who voted for President Trump’s re-election, are faced with his “politically correct” self – defense. (Even I don’t understand what I just said!) // SOLUTION = FIX 2020 FIRST

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