Trump SLAMS Pelosi Breaking Their Streak of Playing Nice

The Presidency campaign is heating up and so is the President as he attacks Pelosi by questioning her leadership skills.

THE PRESIDENT: The President has tried to play nice with Pelosi and so has she at times but it cannot hide the fact that they are rivals at heart.

At the beginning, Trump praised Pelosi and claimed they had a “great relationship”

Among all the nicknames Trump has for his rials, he just calls Nancy Pelosi, Nancy.

THE PRESIDENT: The President started to attack her again by claiming Ilhan Omar has total control of Pelosi and her interview on “60 minutes” was a “puff piece” as the president stated in a tweet on Monday.

THE PRESIDENT: The President later slammed Pelosi by claiming she lost total control of her party and claimed they get nothing done.

NANCY PELOSI: The only response Nancy gave to Donald Trump was about his Ilhan Omar terrorist video.

CONCLUSION: The Madame Speaker of the House has been getting plummeted by the President pretty hard as of recently, mostly, because Pelosi never gave Omar a consequence and continues to defend her even with her anti-semitic ways. Nancy Pelosi has not responded to Trump’s attacks on her.

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