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Trump Appointed Supreme Court Justice Allows Vaccine Mandates to Stand at Indiana University!…

8 Indiana University students called on the Supreme Court to rule on their lawsuit to block Coronavirus Vaccine mandates on campus.

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett denied the emergency petition by the students suing the University over their vaccine mandate. The ruling by Amy Coney Berrett, which was made without the dissent of any other Justice, upholds the lower court ruling that the University has the right to mandate vaccination or any other thing they see fit.

Mandates of masks and Vaccines have been a topic of debate in recent months. This new move by a conservative Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justice will most likely dent separate challenges in other universities around the country that are also mandating vaccines to their students and staff.

At Indiana University, the mandate called for students to be vaccinated unless they prove that they would be exempt due to Medial Issues or Religion. If the student was approved to get the exemption, they are required to wear a mask and be tested twice a week.
Over 720 colleges and universities are now mandating the coronavirus Vaccine due to the spread of Coronavirus through the Delta Variant. Many other private companies, establishments, and entities are also enforcing or planning to implement these mandates.


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