Trump Administration Sets Quotas for Immigration Judges

The Department of Justice is now setting Quotas for Immigration judges, requiring them to…

close a certain number of cases per year.

The goal is to speed up the deportation process and clear all backlog cases still in the system, The DOJ sent the notification to all immigration judges late last week.

The judges will now be required to complete 700 cases per year and 15% of their decisions returned by a higher court, the New protocol starts October 1st, 2018.

President Donald Trump over the weekend tweeted Republicans to use the Nuclear Option regarding border security.

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  1. The “good guys” in Congress, like Rep. Louis Gohmert R-Texas), have been saying this for a long time. The “bad guys” must be getting kick-backs from the drug cartels &/ or human traffickers. See, we, too, can use “peer pressure” and “shaming.” SHAME ON YOU, DEM & REP CONGRESSMEN WHO FAIL TO DO YOUR JOB — Pass Border Legislation (Nuclear Option) and FREE UP the Border Patrol Agents & ICE.

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