Trump Allows Lawsuits Against Cuban Businesses who Seized Property Illegally

The White House will allow U.S. citizens to sue foreign businesses using seized property during the 1959 Cuban revolution, reversing two decades of policy that was once set before to not be able to sue Cuba businesses.

MIKE POMPEO: “Sadly, Cuba’s most prominent export these days is not cigars or rum. It’s oppression.”

“Detente with the regime has failed. Cozying up to Cuban dictators will always be a black mark on this great nation’s long record of defending human rights.”

U.S. GOVERNMENT: U.S. government has already certified nearly 6,000 claims valued at more than $8 billion in total, including actual value and interest.

EUROPE AND CANADA: Both countries have serious business in Cuba which is why this announcement made many Europeans angry.

CONCLUSION: The administration has tightened trade and travel restrictions that were loosened by the 44th president. The Trump administrations allows the U.S. to sue Cuban business if needed.


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