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Trump Abruptly Ends NPR Interview after Host Attacks Him Using DNC talking Points!…

SCREENGRAB: (NPR / Morning Edition)

NPR has been trying to interview Trump for six years, and they finally got their chance only to screw it up in less than 7 min!

• Trump agreed to get interviewed by NPR for 15 minutes, but the interview only lasted seven after the host attacked Trump using Democrat talking points.

• Trump was pressed on his claims about the 2020 election where he got into a heated back and forth with Steve Inskeep of NPR.

• Trump seemed to get more and more heated as the host pressed him using DNC prepared comebacks…

VIDEO (courtesy NPR / Morning Edition)

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  1. If people want to believe the 2020 election wasn’t stolen that’s fine bur, me I believe it was and the democrats are the thieves. They couldn’t win legally so they stole it. No one really believe Biden got 80 million people to vote for him.

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