Trudeau Tries to Backtrack After President Trump Calls him Two Faced

Trudeau tries to Backtrack after President Trump calls him Two-Faced at Press Conference

Justin Trudeau was caught making fun of President Trump after their bilateral meeting.  As you can see in the video below Trudeau is accompanied by Macron, Boris Johnson and others as they laugh and Joke about the President.

The Next day at a Bilateral meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Trump was asked about the Viral video viewed Millions of times and he had this to say:

Later in the day at the conclusion of the NATO Summit Trudeau had a Press Conference and was asked about The Viral video of him making fun of President Trump, he had this to say:

As Trudeau tries to backtrack and explain what he believes happened the damage is done, he knows it.

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  1. These president are so fake Are upset Trump is not letting these countries get away with using America. It’s Time they start paying their fair share. Obama didn’t give a rats ass about America. Obama and Bush were lousy presidents.

  2. It is a disgrace and very unprofessional with all of them. I think God showed exactly what needed to be seen their disrespect and childish behavior toward important issues that people around the world face and they acted like children. The light just shined on the darkness. Our president showed great professionalism in his comments. It was great he did not give press conference at the end to feed into their circus. God bless our president your supporters are with you.

  3. I would hold the G7!at camp David and when they all showed up, I would make that punk Justin Trudeau stand outside the gate with a note “men only” Then go on with the meeting !! Then when he starts crying like a little boy that he is, I would tell him pay up your share of the cost for NATO today in full!!!” Let’s make it easy “ just VOTE TRUMP FOR 2020”

  4. Prime minister is a kitty cat who meows purrs and defers to the mighty … Trudeau has more than two faces

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