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Triggered Democrats Sue as Greg Abbott Signs Election Bill in Texas!…

The Democrats are furious. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a sweeping Election Bill that overhauls his state’s election procedure just months before Midterm Election season is set to begin!

Texas Democrats have been trying to block this bill from getting signed even to the point of fleeing the state and infecting people with Coronavirus.
The states legislature approved the bill last week, and the Governor signed it into law alongside Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Sen. Bryan Hughes, who was the lead sponsor of the bill in the Texas Senate.
The Governor said in a statement: “Election integrity is now law in the state of Texas,”
The bill Prevents election officials from distributing vote-by-mail applications to voters who have not personally asked for them. It requires the Secreatry of State’s office to check voter rolls for non-citizens who illegally registered to vote. The bill also bans round-the-clock polling stations and places new restrictions to drive through and voting by mail. In the bill, there are also provisions that expand voting hours during the 12 days before an election so the voter can cast their ballots and more protections to poll watchers. Finally, this bill increases the requirement for voter ID’s.

Republicans say that the changes are meant to restore integrity in the electoral process, but Democrats beg to differ; hours after Abbott signed the bill, they sued to new state law from taking effect a lawsuit that most likely will end up at the supreme court.

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