Trey Gowdy is Targeting James Comey in new Hillary Clinton Probe

Rep. Trey Gowdy plans to grill former FBI Director James Comey about his……

decision-making as part of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s decision to re-examine the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

When Asked by reporters about opening the Investigation Gowdy responded Have to Wont we.

GOWDY: Chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which has opened a joint investigation with the Judiciary Committee in order to review the Justice Department’s handling of the politically charged investigation on Clinton.

Gowdy is particularly concerned that “The decision to charge or not charge [Clinton] was made before all the witnesses were interviewed,” but he emphasized that the investigation topics are structured in a nonpartisan way.

Gowdy Said: “Of the six things we listed with specificity, three of them are things Democrats gave a big damn about last fall, So the question is, do they still? And three of them are things that Republicans cared about a lot last year, and the question is, do they still?”

THE COMMITTEES:  Announced the investigation Tuesday morning, with an emphasis on Comey and why the FBI decided what information to reveal and when.

The committee will also ask about the parallel refusal to confirm during the campaign that some of President Trump’s campaign associates faced investigations over their apparent ties to Russia.

Gowdy said that he plans to School the Witness on how to conduct an Investigation by saying:

“Gather documents, gather access to witnesses, do your due diligence, and your investigation and see where it takes you,”

Gowdy, who chaired the select committee that investigated the Benghazi terrorist attacks and revealed Clinton’s use of a private email server for classified government work, predicted that the probe wouldn’t change the outcome of the Clinton email investigation.

CONCLUSION: In the Last Few weeks we have reported that the FBI has found 2500 New Clinton documents that where never turned over to the State Department and now we know that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for the slanderous Trump Dossier

Gowdy finished off by saying: “All of the new developments is what has caused people to lose confidence in the Department of Justice, on one side or the other, and there may be an eminently plausible explanation … Comey may have a really good explanation for why he felt like he had write a letter in October to exonerate Clinton and there was no other means of notifying Congress, but we need to hear it.”

When Asked what kind of setting should he Interview comey, Gowdy responded: “I’m not a hearing guy, I’m a five hours guy, not a five minutes guy, so, not a hearing.”



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