Traitor Exposed Giving Iran Military Secrets

The Department of Justice has charged an Air Force Intelligence spying on behalf of Iran. The Grand Jury’s indictment was unsealed on Wednesday.

Monica Witt, served in the Air Force until 2008 and went on to become contractor of Department of Defense.

Witt had access to secret and top secret information, including the names of U.S. intelligence sources and under-cover agents.

The FBI warned Witt in May 2012 that Iranian intelligence services were trying to recruit her but nothing ever took place into action since she stated she would never give up any classified information.

Witt met with members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, telling them she wished to emigrate to Iran moths later after the FBI warned her.

The Iranian government provided her with housing and computer equipment in order to help her spy on behalf of Iran.

Iran is accused of targeting several U.S. government officials, with the help of Witt, via Facebook and email that would have given Iran access to computer networks belonging to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Justice Department officials said Wednesday that Witt’s former colleagues have been made aware that they may have been compromised.

Read the full unsealed indictment.

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