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Top Democrat Opposes DC Statehood in Blow to Liberal Plot to acquire more Votes!

Top Democrat announces that he can not support Washington DC becoming the nation’s 51st state.

51st State:
Democrats for decades have been trying to make Washington DC the 51st state. In 2021 they have come very, very close. Still, Joe Manchin, a top democrat senator, says that he is opposed to the push because he believes a constitutional amendment is needed rather than a house bill rammed through congress. Manchin believes a bill would shrink the federal district and admit the remainder of D.C. or incorporated areas into a new state. 60 Votes are needed in order for the Bill to pass the Senate and reach the President’s desk, something that without Manchin’s support along with Liberal Republicans like Murkowski and Romney, it will not come close to being a reality.

Manchin told a Radio host by the name of Hoppy Kercheval of Metro News that Democrats in the past have had the view that a constitutional amendment is needed.” He went on to say that former AG Bobby Kennedy and the Carter Administration believed “If congress wants to make D.C. a state, it must first propose a constitutional amendment and let the people of America vote.”

The Democrats in the House passed a D.C. statehood bill twice this year; the last time a statehood bill for Washington DC has gotten a vote in the house was in 1993 under Bill Clinton. The Bill failed, with only one Republican voting in favor and half of the democrats at the time voting against it.

If Washington DC becomes a state, it will have two new senators and one congressman. Since the state voted almost 90% Democrat, all of the new lawmakers would be Liberal. For more information on D.C. statehood, read our previous report


Republicans who have agreed with some degree of representation for Washington DC residents have said in the past that D.C. should be given to Maryland, and if the residents wanted representation that had to debate an array of arguments on how to make it happen constitutionally.
President Trump was asked while being President if he agreed with D.C. statehood, where he responded, “Why? So we can have two more Democrat Senators and five more congressmen? No, Thank You, that will never happen.”
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said at his Republican National Convention speech last year that D.C. statehood must be opposed to prevent Democratic legislation from passing.
“They want to tell you what kind of car you can drive. What sources of information are credible. And even how many hamburgers you can eat,” he said. “And they want to codify all this by making the swamp itself, Washington, D.C., America’s 51st state. With two more liberal senators, we cannot undo the damage they have done.”


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