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Tom Cotton Teams up with Romney to pass E-Verify Plan that Will Boost U.S. Wages…


Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Mitt Romney (R-UT) are teaming up to introduce legislation that will boost Americans’ wages while punishing employers for illegal hiring.

  • While Democrats are trying to find a way to get a $15 wage floor, Romney says his bill will “ensure businesses cannot hire illegal immigrants.”


Tom Cotton, Mitt Romney Plan Will Boost U.S. Wages, Mandate E-Verify

GOP Sens. Romney, Cotton to propose minimum wage hike coupled with immigration enforcement



The bill has not been published, we will update soon.

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  1. Mitt Romney is a Democrat who conned American’s into believing he was a Republican. Mitt and his son Tag are in business with George Soros controlling voting machines in six states including Utah where he is the states Senate representative. Tom Cotton by siding with Mitt Romney has proven his true colors. For this he must be removed from office during the next election where he stands for reelection. Tom knows who Mitt Romney truly is. Tom knows how Mitt Romney threw the 2012 election to ensure Barrack Obama was reelected and had the opportunity to complete his work which was to prepare America for total collapse under the Hillary Clinton Presidency. In 2016 Hillary’s advisors told her that by adding 22 percent more to her vote tallies that Hillary would win. Hillary spent a billion dollars added 30% more to her vote totals and yet lost. Mitt Romney played a role in that scam that ended up in defeat.

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