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TikTok Insiders say the CCP Makes all the Final Decisions…

TikTok, the popular music sharing app that Trump wanted to ban in the U.S. over national security concerns, is in the limelight again as insiders claim the Chinese communist party makes all final decisions on the companies product decisions and day to day operations. 

• Former TikTok employees say that there is a cause for concern as the CCP control TikTok through their parent company ByteDance 

• Insiders say that ByteDance has access to user information in the united states.

• Cyber Security experts worry that china might be promoting Chinese propaganda through the app, censoring American free speech, and exercising an extremist influence on Americans.

• Former TikTok Employees claim that Bytedance would force employees to work past their 10-7 PM work hours and sometimes work double shifts so they can speak to and answer any questions their bosses in china might have. 

• recruiter and four former employees said there were concerns that the CCP controlled company Bytedance that owns Tiktok had U.S. user data at their disposal 

• Tiktok launched in the U.S. in 2017 after the Chinese company Bytedance bought a music/ video sharing app called for $1 billion in 2017.

• Former President Trump sought to ban Tiktok in the U.S. if it did not merge with an American company. Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo expressed TikTok as a National security risk.

• In June, Biden reversed course, giving TikTok the freedom to do as it pleases. 

• Biden has said that it wants to set criteria for the Federal government to evaluate the risk apps pose when owned by adversaries like China.

• The TikTok insiders told reporters that the boundaries between ByteDance, TikTok, and the CCP are so blurry to the point that they might be non-existent 

• one employee said that ByteDance employees could access U.S. user data at any point for any reason. 

• TikTok’s privacy policy states that the company can share the data it collects with its corporate group, which includes ByteDance.

• TikTok depends on ByteDance to the point that its technology comes from that CCP company. Former employees said that Chinese ByteDance employees lead nearly 100% of TikTok’s product development. 

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