THEY’RE BACK: North Korea Releases new SICK Plan to Destroy America

North Korea has again shown who they truly are In their latest propaganda posters, they show their country bombing the U.S.A as their ‘answer’ to UN sanctions against the country. The posters see Pyongyang destroying the Capital Building in Washington DC with the quote ” Our answer”


In the Other Propaganda Poster, dozens of bombs fall over a burning map of the U.S, also saying that the entire U.S is within the range of their missiles.


The Last poster has a cartoon tank with a bomb and it reads ” no one can STOP our way!”


The 3 posters were made by Pyongyang Mouthpiece Korean Central News Agency. Many military officers have said it’s horrific, but it is unimaginable that the U.S would allow dictator Kim Jong-un to develop missiles that could reach American soil.

North Korea has claimed to have developed intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of targeting any place in the United States. But weapons experts believe they still need to create a nuclear device small and light enough to fit on the missile without affecting its range but To do that, they must make a sixth test of the long range missile.  These posters are the latest escalating threats of a nuclear war by North Korea.

North Korea seems to be Bipolar but President Trump’s Tough stance has Made Kim Jong Un think Twice about making any more threats to the US.

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Source: Daily Mail


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