The Trump Tweet that Broke the Internet

President Trump broke the Internet right before Thanksgiving, at his Rally in Sunrise Florida he spoke regarding his recent trip to Walter Reed to get his Physical done since Janurary will be a very busy month.  The Fake news Wasted no time saying that the President had gone in having chest pains and a possible heart attack, this was all False and the Fake News knew it 100%…this is what President Trump had to say about it…

On Thanksgiving Eve President Trump Tweeted

This Triggered the Left so bad that the Washington Post just had to write an article about it accusing President Trump of “Doctoring” a picture of himself as Rocky!

It is crazy how the mainstream media is trying to make the President look bad as Possible by any means necessary, but Patriots are looking right through it just look at the Tweet comment section.

If you missed President Trump Rally you can watch it here:

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  1. Hell no our beloved president is just that he is beloved as a fellow american and we as true Americans need him to KEEP AMERICA GREAT.YES HE MADE IT GREAT NOW WE ARE GOING TO KEEP IT GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020 AND MORE TO MAKE IT EVEN GREATER.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍😅

  2. Too funny..but O.K….Would have expected this off either Ronald Regan, or Swartenhager!! Guees, President is right there in the Ring. Democrats themselves recall to me The Hollywood Squares, questions and answers. Funny too, off it wasn’t, heaven forbid any off them gets to run the Country.🇩🇰🇺🇸🦅

  3. Dear President Trump,

    You are not only tough, but funny as hell. You are a breath of fresh air. We are so lucky to have you at the helm of this misguided ship! Thank God for you!

  4. The deep state a combined effort of the C.I. A., the State Department, the Department of Justice, the Pentagon, and private arms deals based in America yet owned by the British have together been manipulating America’s government since the end of the second world war. The British Royal family receives a golden share a kick back on every contract awarded to SERCO who has most contracts funnelled to this corporate giant that is controlled by the members of Britain privy council. The bidding system is rigged as members of the Senior Executive Service a Clinton Obama leave behind army of up to 40,000 10,000 appointed by Obama during his 8 years as a deep state operative in the White House. There is so much more that will be revealed such as the Department Of Justice is the key center of operations for the enemies within, with a 500 member star chamber corrupting Justice in America and controlling agents in high positions throughout the 75 federal agencies and in states where they do everything from voter manipulation to anything that will disrupt national and state progress toward positive results for we the people. Their goal is to be destructive, destroying all that is good and allows the country to benefit all Americans. Now is the time to end the treason before they kill this nation to be replace by a global communist government free from such things as human and God given rights. God bless America!!!

  5. Does anyone really have to make him look bad, he has seemingly made it part of his Presidential duties

  6. Hell No … hes an Amazing President..and We the American people put him there and will again in 2Q2Q

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