Dems using new Ways to Oppose Trump Judges as GOP Ramps up confirmations

The GOP Senators are ascending the President’s appointed federal judges despite of the Democrats choosing to vote against each nominee, but the both parties have a fight up against them.

Republicans: GOP Senators are voting in more Republicans and Trump’s appointed judges so they can begin to change the rules for hundreds of lower court and executive nominees. They believe federal courts weigh heavy and will make a long-term impact on the direction of the Nation they want to head towards.

The Blue-slip: A precedent upheld by Senate tradition, which allows a home-state Senator to stop a lower court nominee by refusing to return the “blue slip” to the Judiciary Committee. It then goes to the Committee Chairperson on how strictly the precedent will be upheld.

Lindsey Graham: Is the Chairman of this year’s Judiciary Committee

Paul Matey: He is this year’s first circuit nominee confirmed without the involvement of the blue slip, the new appellate judge is, Paul Matey, who will serve on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Judiciary Committee: Will hold a hearing on Wednesday for Daniel Collins and Kenneth Lee, the nominees to fill two vacant California seats on the 9th Circuit.

Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris: Gave backlash to the Committee for Kenneth Lee mostly, and asked him to resign for “repeated failure to provide responsive materials to this Committee is a breach of the Committee’s standards and processes.”

Diane Feinstein: “I’ve been on this committee a long time. I’ve never been treated this way,”

“It’s just not right. And maybe the only way we can show it is with a ‘no’ vote.”

The Chamber: Republicans hold a 53-47 majority in the chamber.

Nuclear Option: Reduces debate time for hundreds of Trump’s nominees, a move that would allow them to implement a significant rule change with only a simple majority.

Mitch McConnell: “We’re still hoping to have bipartisan support to go forward with the standing order, which would require 60 votes. In the absence of that, it still my desire to try to achieve that, and that’s an issue we’ll have…a discussion we’ll have among Republicans,” he told reporters during a weekly press conference.”

The Chamber: Debating could go from 30 hours down to as little as two hours for district court picks and hundreds of executive nominees.

Who would be excluded from the a possible rule change: Supreme Court nominees, circuit court picks, Cabinet nominees and appointees for roughly a dozen independent boards would be exempt from the proposed rule change. For example: Brett Kavanaugh.

Republicans: They will honor the blue slip for district court nominees, effectively giving home-state senators veto power over a pick.

Democrats: “We’re not just going to lay back and ignore what’s happening here,” he said.

“McConnell is determined to flood the courts.”

Conclusion: Although, the Republicans have confirmed one judge to take the seat in the Judiciary Committee, the Democrats are fighting back to not pass anymore other nominees, especially the President’s nominees. The Republicans will also fight back to have a full fledged Republican senators even though they are already the majority.

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