The President Scolds Bernie Sanders and Fox News

The President scolded Bernie Sanders and Fox news because of a Tax Day Town Hall meeting Sanders hosted and broadcasted by Fox.

THE PRESIDENT: The President tweeted today, commenting on the show and insulting both Sanders and Fox News.

The President scolding Bernie Sanders is usual and happens often but scolding Fox News is new because he only watches Fox News and consistently tags “fox and friends” to his twitter posts.

BRET BAIER: The moderator on Special Report, Bret Baier, thanked the President for watching and invited Trump to come in for an interview since “it’s been awhile.” Baier mentioned in his tweet, “we cover both sides.”

THE PRESIDENT: The President has been in great disapproval of Fox’s decisions in the past. The President lashed out at Fox News when they kicked off Judge Jeanine Pirro for two weeks after she asked a controversial question on live television.

FOX NEWS: Fox News has hired a former CNN political analyst and a former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman to be a Fox News contributor. The new employer’s name is Brazile.

CONCLUSION: The President is getting really tired on Fox News reporting and interviewing Democrats and Socialists. The President scolded Fox News and Bernie Sanders on Twitter saying it was “weird… very strange.” The President accused Bret Baier and the audience at Special report to be fake and acting. Baier says Fox News covers all sides not just conservative.

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