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The President of El Salvador Accuses Biden of Funding Communist Terrorist in His Country!…

According to the populist President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele, History might be repeating itself as he got into a Twitter battle with Biden’s Administration.

• The Salvadorian President accused the Biden Administration of corruption by funding and aiding communist insurgents trying to take over his country.

• The back and forth started when Bukele tweeted a video of Biden talking about Democracy in Afghanistan where the Salvadorian President said – “It is clear that the interests of the United States Government have NOTHING TO DO with democracy, in ANY COUNTRY.”

• It was followed by several tweets from Brian Nichols, the assistant secretary for western hemisphere affairs at the state department.

• After the Biden Administration called Bukele a liar, the President of that country released a slew of text messages of U.S. Southern Command official, asking him to release a corrupt Salvadoran official (caught giving tens of thousands to Salvadorian Gang members) with an ankle bracelet. Bukele refused, saying that technology is not secure in his country.

• A few days later, Bukele posted a tweet letting Americans and the world know that Biden is funding communist terrorists in El Salvador trying to take down a duly elected President with a very high approval rating.

• Bukele has criticized Biden and his administration in the past, accusing Joe of failing on immigration and his open borders forcing many in his country to try to make it to the United States and man others in south and central America to travel north to America and pass through El Salvador.

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