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THE ONLY WINNERS: Pfizer set to make $36 Billion in PROFIT for COVID 19 Vaccine!…

As the Delta Variant of the Coronavirus continues to ravage the country, Pfizer is dancing all the way to the bank. Pfizer is set to report a PROFIT of $36 Billion this year as part of their cut for the Vaccine they co-created with BioNTech up from the original $33.5 billion estimates.

• During an Earnings conference call, CEO Albert Bourla said the Vaccine brought in a staggering $14 billion in revenue to the company in October, bringing their overall total to $24 Billion, with November and December still left to continue making a profit.

• The company also said on the call that they expect another $30 Billion in 2022, hinting the Coronavirus might be here next year.

• Pfizer’s profits might double the expected numbers as they are set to seek FDA approval for a Vaccine for 2 to 4-year-olds after their Vaccine has already been approved for children over five.

• Pfizer in 2021 produced 2.6 Billion vaccine doses which 80% went to other countries, and this year it’s on the way to producing a total of 3 Billion by the end of December.

• Pfizer said they are on track to produce 4 billion doses in 2022 but already have contracts with countries for 1.4 billion doses in the first quarter of the year.

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  1. Viruses have never been proven to exist. The PCR is not a test. Sequencing is the same as where you can turn lead into gold.
    The “vaccine” is killing people and causing severe irreversible disabilities and causing abortions and sterility.
    And Pfizer is making $36 billion on this Frankenstein operation.
    There is no virus. There is a huge number of people that can not think or research this for themselves. They took the “vaccine”.They just go along with whatever they are told. 1984.

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