The Mystery of Jeffery Epstein’s Death, First Pictures REVEALED

Jeffery Epstein’s Death is surrounded by Mystery but now 60 Minutes has aquired exclusive new Pictures and information that could raise the questions even further that he was Killed more than he killed himelf.

New Pictures Show the inside of Jeffery Epstein’s Jail Cell after he was found dead

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  1. I believe Clintons had him killed. Everyone did ever tried to expose the clintons has wound up dead by mysterious circumstances I think the FBI should be investigating the clintons but obviously we have a corrupt FBI it still hasn’t been fixed Christopher a Wray is just as bad and he needs to be fired

  2. Dear 60 Minutes. Are you part of the conspiricy or are you just ignorant?
    Epstein is NOT dead! Did anyone see a funeral? No!
    He is too valuable to allow to die.
    He knows too much.
    That hanging story is just stupid.
    So is the murder story. How did anyone enter his cell?? Why weren’t they being watched? Lol 🤣😄 Y’all must think the public is dumb as dirt. Only the Trump haters believe this garbage. Get a real job!

  3. He Got Prison Justice !! This Piece of shirts dead rotting in HELL !! Who Cares !!!.

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