The FED Slashes Rates as Coronavirus Concerns Markets

In an unprecedented move the Federal Reserve slashes interest rates to near zero amid coronavirus concerns.

  • The Federal Reserve has taken emergency action to lower interest rates to near zero over coronavirus concerns 

  • The central bank said in a statement released on Sunday that it was cutting rates to a target range of 0 per cent to 0.25 per cent
  • The Fed said the effects of the coronavirus is expected to ‘weigh on economic activity in the near term and poses risks to the economic outlook’

  • It also will purchase more Treasury securities to encourage lending to try to offset the impact of the outbreak

  • The Fed plans to buy $500 billion of Treasury securities and $200 billion of mortgage-backed securities in response to market disruptions 
  • The disruptions bumped up the yield on the 10-year Treasury last week, an unusual move that threatens to increase borrowing costs  
  • President Donald Trump announced the news about interest rate at a Press Conference in the White House

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  1. Please be aware of the truth. A Chinese scientist permitted to work in an exchange program at the Canadian Government Laboratory in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. She apparently as reported made four trips back to her home laboratory in Wuhan China taking the Corona virus with her on each trip. The Virus was then weaponized and released on the public either on purpose or by accident as the Wuhan Lab was not sufficient to house such a deadly concoction. The release took place in late October or very early November. It is suggested that the United Nations had a hand in this operation in an attempt to save globalism and the much promoted Chinese century in which the New World Communist Order led by the United Nations currently under threat by those who seek to remain free, those filled with the American spirit. The deaths meet the United Nations two agenda’s 21 and 2030 in which their goal is major population reduction. The left, the Democrat party, the Rothschild funded and founded Fabian Society established in London England in 1868 using the slogan wolves in sheep’s clothing, and the Deep State Hydra, an eight armed beast seeking to follow the Satanic agenda of kill steal and destroy. The Hydra is a combination of eight groups seeking to rain down destruction on we the people. Included in this list of treasonous bastards headed by the C.I.A. birthed in 1947 from the remains of the second world war O.F.A., the Department of State, The Department of Justice the controller of the membership operating a 500 member star chamber that twists the law to protect those committed to betraying America, the Pentagon where leftist members were promoted to the highest levels in the 39 years in which the white house was under the thumb of deep state traitors who had manipulated control of both parties. Add to the four government agencies the group known as Senior Executive Services created by George H.W. Bush the son of Prescott Bush President of the Union Bank in N.Y.C. who along with other elitist Democrat families were charged with trading with the enemy treason in 1942 for their support on national Socialist or Nazi Germany. The S.E.S. was established by Bush and Carter White House staffer Kristine Marcy. Also included in this group of traitors that make up the hydra are two Non Government Organizations the Atlantic Council, and the Council on foreign Relations. We must not forget to include the F.B.I. and the role they have played over the years in their efforts to target America from Oklahoma city to the Pulse night club and beyond pulling off false flags a system well used by the grandfather of this leftist movement the Fabian Society now being operated by the likes of George Soros a high ranking Fabian who is promoting mass immigration the world over. There is so much more to the details that cover 152 years of deception. This is truth briefly exposed for all to see. Can you imagine how many there are who have chosen to betray the nation. The numbers are estimated to be 125,000 treasonous losers seeking to ruin the lives of 330 million American citizens. That number may be low as when all is taken into consideration an estimated 3% of the population have worked to destroy the greatest freest country on earth. God bless America

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