The CDC Plans to Loosen Coronavirus Guidelines

In a shocking step towards reopening the country, the Trump administration is planning to loosen coronavirus guidelines as early as Wednesday to make it easier for Americans who have been exposed but have no symptoms to return to work, particularly those in essential jobs.

Dr. Fauci has said that if the existing guidelines are followed through the end of April and is successful in halting the virus then and only then more relaxed recommendations could be in order.

Fauci also said he hoped the pandemic will prompt the U.S. to look at long-term investments in public health, specifically at the state and local level. Preparedness that was not a Priority in the previous administration now should be in place if or when COVID-19 or another virus threatens the country. “We have a habit of whenever we get over a challenge, we say, ‘OK, let’s move on to the current problem,’” he said. “We should never, ever be in a position of getting hit like this and have to scramble to respond again.

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President Trump Coronavirus Press Briefing for 4/8/20

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