The Big Blue Wave Fails to Make a Splash

The Media has Overhyped the Democrat Comeback even dubbing it the Blue Wave…

In recent weeks it looks like the blue wave won’t even make a Splash as Democrats scramble to project a message that will appeal to new voters, Independents and Republican voters wanting to switch over to the Democrat Side.

The Week Reporter David Faris writes-  “simpering” dealmakers who are “barely muddling” towards an election disaster.

“Democrats should clean up in the midterms. Instead, they’re barely muddling through,” he went on to say “Democrats, you had this. If you blow it with an inability to sustain a brawl for more than six months, rest assured: You will be replaced with other lawmakers who can,”

that’s just the beginning of the problems for the Democrats as their fundraisers Dry up and their debt starts to Moun, right now they only have less than 10% advantage over the Republicans for the 2018 Midterms.

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