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The Biden Administration Pushes Mexico to BAN Migrants from Venezuela!…

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Biden proves that Trump policies work; this time, Biden is pressuring Mexico to ban migrants from Venezuela from reaching the United States.

• Biden is reportedly “lobbying” Mexico to impose restrictions on Venezuelans, hoping of reaching the US fleeing from the Maduro regime.

• According to new reports, Mexico is now considering stricter restrictions for Venezuelans, including checking if they have sufficient funds to sustain themselves, including employment, while in Mexico and if they have a plane ticket to return to Venezuela if they are denied asylum.

• In fiscal year 2021, the number of Venezuelans apprehended at the border has jumped to more than 192,000, according to CBP.

• The State Department told FOX NEWS in a statement – “working with Mexico to address root causes of irregular migration in the region and on a collaborative, regional approach to implementing humane migration management policies that prioritize border security; respect for the human rights of migrants; and access to international protection for those in need.”

• Both Mexican and American Representatives said that they are working on “Sustainable solutions” as they work to “Address the root causes of irregular migration.”

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