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Texas to Start Building the Wall across their Border Immediately…

The state of Texas will soon start building the wall, according to land commissioner George O Bush. (Grandson of Former President Goerge H.W Bush)

• Bush said in an interview – “We will be breaking ground in a matter of days,” he went on to say. “In the coming days, we’ll make an announcement in Starr County, which is in the Rio Grande Valley, where roughly 40 percent of all illegal immigrant apprehensions in our country occur.”

• Construction of the wall came at the request of Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott.

• In June, Abbott made a significant move to restart the wall construction by setting up a private donation campaign that has raised over $54 million.

• The initial step to having the wall built came when the Texas General land office, run by bush, reached an agreement with the texas department of public safety to begin its construction.

• In Texas, ‘operation lone star’ is seeing significant progress in deterring illegals from crossing into the state, and building the wall will only strengthen its cause to stop the flow.

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