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Texas Helps Mississippi End Roe V Wade once and for All!…

Texas has just signed a bill into law that bans abortions as early as six weeks, says Governor Greg Abbott.

Texas Senate Bill 8 lets anyone, including people with no connection to the woman getting the abortion, sue if the procedure was conducted after six weeks, giving power to family members and fathers.

The Bill states that abortions will be illegal after the fetal heartbeat has been detected, which can be around six weeks of pregnancy. One thing that is not in the Bill is an exception for victims of rape and incest.

Texas State Senator and sponsor of the Bill told reporters when asked why such exemption doesn’t exist: “Let’s do everything we can to hold people accountable who do something like that, to protect women from that. … Let’s harshly punish the rapist, but we don’t, we don’t punish the unborn child.”

Many states, like Mississippi, have passed some kind of Heartbeat bill but have been blocked by radical activist judges.

The Supreme Court is set to hear the Mississippi case that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, a case many see as the end of Roe. V Wade.

The Law will take effect in September, and Gov. Greg Abbot said the following:

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