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Texas Governor Greg Abbott tells National Guard, Biden is NOT your Commander and Chief!…

Texas Governor Greg Abbott lets his national guard know that Biden is NOT their Commander-in-Chief, as he sued the Administration over their vaccine mandate.

• Greg Abbott has sued the Biden administration over their vaccine mandate on the national guard, says Biden has no authority over the guard as it is under the state’s authority and sovereignty.

• Abbott filed the lawsuit of Tuesday, asking a federal judge to overturn Biden’s unconstitutional mandate.

• Under title 32, the state’s national guard is under the state’s authority unless called upon by the President for federal purposes.

• The deadline for the guard to get vaccinated was December 31st; according to a new figure, the Texas national guard has a vaccination rate of around 60%, with 40% of them seeking a religious exemption from the vaccine.

• Late last month, a federal judge blocked a similar effort by Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt to block the vaccine mandate.

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  1. I appreciate you governors to stop this crazy out of control president, I have never felt that he is for our country he is more enemy then a friend!

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