Texas Governor Greg Abbott Deploys National Guard to the Border

Texas Governor Greg Abbott took to Twitter on Sunday to let patriots know that…

He has deployed the National Guard to curtail the so-called caravan of Central American Illegal Aliens heading for the U.S through Mexico.

President Donald Trump has also taken to Twitter to express his frustration over border security and Illegal Migration which Includes DACA

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  1. Do your job congress or those that took our oath of allegiance will do ours,sick of the traitors in Washington sitting on their hands and getting paid while collecting illegal funds from drug pushers and dictators

  2. Mr. president do what you have to do to stop this can you deploy National Guard do you have the authority to deploy National Guards in Texas Arizona New Mexico California?
    If you do you need to do it have a wall of National Guard from Texas to California

  3. Send infantry and 1st Calvary. The presence of US fighting force would deter most from trying to invade. They should stop stop calling it illegal immigration. Immigration sounds acceptable. They should label it an invasion because that ps is what it is. Anyone coming across without permission or authorization are part of an invasion. Deploy Our troops to our own borders. God knows we have defended many other nations. It’s our turn to have American Soldiers defend American Borders. Send Our Best to defend our homeland.

  4. I despise Trump and his followers. They remind me during the period of George Wallace when he stood in front of Alabama,public schools to refuse blacks the right to a formal education. George Wallace was an ignorant man with ignorant followers. So is Trump. He has made America a disgrace to the World and too self serving to figure it out.

  5. Ft Bliss is on the border. Send Our brave soldiers to hold the line until we have border security. Declare an emergency and handle it like we handled Grenada. Defend our homeland

  6. That is super! God bless Governor Abbot for his wise decision!
    I live in Thailand and just see if the neighboring countries try to send their people into Thailand. See what they get.
    America for citizens of America and America is the United astates of America.
    Wow he has balls!!!!!!

  7. Don’t just “curtail” the “caravan invasion,” STOP IT, with our military troops. There could be ISIS infiltrators. While waiting for Congress to do its job, please PROTECT us, the American people /citizens- voters, and have the Army Engineering Corp. build a border barrier. And, thank you for putting America first in trade deals. We must keep up the “tough stand” and KEEP AMERICA GREAT.

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