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Texas Church goes Viral over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chant Caught on Video!…

The chant that has taken America by storm has now made its way into churches, as is the case for a church in Texas with Radical Democrats fuming.

• This video happened at the nondenominational Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas

• Church officials said the chant did not occur during normal services.

• According to Cornerstone, the church was rented out to an event called the “ReAwaken America” conference from Nov. 11-13, when the chant happened. People like Michael Flynn and My Pillow CEO Michael Lindell spoke at the event.

• Radical Democrats were fuming over the video, including radical Democrat Joaquin Castro

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  1. No church that serves the God of Heaven would approve this.
    This means something else It’s not as innocent as it is written or sounds. Satan comes in subtle things and this is one of them. I don’t approve of any democrat Their agendas are all out of hell. And Biden is a thief. They being said
    Raise America Not words that come from Satan
    A more appropriate Adult rant would be
    Let’s go America.

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