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Texas Builds Their Own Wall to Deter Illegal Immigration!…

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is taking matters into his own hands as Biden seems uninterested in Securing the Border.

• Greg Abbot is building a wall…in reality, it’s a fence with barbed wire.

• The Governor of Texas says that he is doing it to stop the caravans trying to enter the US through Texas illegally.

• Abbott is also using unused shipping containers in strategic places along the border where migrants are likely to cross.

• In addition, Governor Abbott said there are 6,500 National Guard and DPS troopers stationed at the border to contain the constant surge of migrants.

• this is the update the Governor gave on Twitter:


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  1. Think that will stop them? No, but it will slow them down, won’t it? Thank you Governor Abbott.

  2. I would not vote for pence or Haley.
    They are RINO’s. Would consider Pompeo
    if trump and desantis don’t run in 2024.
    First choice is trump.
    Second choice is desantis.
    Third choice is pompeo.

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