Supreme Court will Adopt Trump View of Travel Ban Case says Liberal Legal Professor

A Left Leaning Professor said something regarding the Travel Ban on Friday that has many SJW’s and Democrats stunned…

LEFTIST SCHOLAR: On Friday a Liberal Georgetown University constitutional law professor Louis Michael Seidman, said that he thinks the Supreme Court looks poised to agree with the Trump administration that it should stop reviewing the travel ban case.  As leftist Judges try to find any justification to block it.

SUPREME COURT:  has yet to rule on whether it will dismiss the pending litigation over President Trump’s travel ban that had been scheduled for next week. The high court decided to remove oral arguments from its schedule after President Trump announced a new travel ban, with both sides filing briefs Thursday on whether they thought the court should still hear the original case.

HAWAII:  argued Thursday that the legal battle should proceed, but the Trump administration urged the Supreme Court to stop its review of the case and erase the lower court rulings against the ban’s implementation.

Hawaii has now filed another Lawsuit against the Trump administration on the bases that the new travel ban discriminates against Nationality since 3 countries now Included are Venezuela, North Korea and Chad.

HAWAII AG: Attorney General Doug Chin said in a statement Thursday that “Hawaii fought the first and second travel bans because they were illegal and unconstitutional efforts to implement the President’s Muslim ban. Unfortunately, the third travel ban is more of the same.” He went on to say “This new ban still discriminates on the basis of nationality, it still exceeds the president’s legal authority and it still seeks to implement his Muslim ban. Simply adding an obvious target like North Korea to the list and banning travel by some government officials from Venezuela does nothing to disguise this. And—unlike the first two versions—Travel Ban 3.0 has no end date.”

CONCLUSION: The Travel Ban is set to stay and supreme court will certify that the Trump Administrations Travel Ban is 100% Legal and Legitimate what the Leftist AG from Hawaii are Failing and Avoiding to mention is that the countries on the Travel ban can get off the list if they Comply with the Rules and new countries can be added at any time.



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