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Supreme Court Set to Block Biden’s Vaccine Mandate!…

The Supreme Court seems to be ready to block Biden’s highly controversial vaccine mandate for large businesses.

• The high looked poised to strike down the mandate except for healthcare workers.

• The court heard almost 4 hours of oral arguments, including 40 Million Americans still unvaccinated and infections soaring all over the country.

• The three liberal justices on the court agreed with Biden’s vaccine mandate

• Sotomayor chose to hear the arguments remotely because Justice Neil Gorsuch refused to wear masks. Her excuse was that she had diabetes.

• All of the other Justices wore masks.

• In the past, the justices had been reluctant to hear cases from states regarding vaccine mandates, but since this, it’s a federal matter, the judges believe it raises different legal questions

• The first case being questioned by the court would impact some 80 million individuals and requires large employers to mandate that their employees either get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing.

• The second case concerned a regulation that requires certain health care employees who work for facilities that participate in Medicare or Medicaid programs to obtain vaccinations.

• Conservative Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Amy Coney Barrett suggested that the Biden administration’s rule, issued under an agency’s emergency powers for the first case, was too broad.

• In the second case, more justices seemed receptive to the Biden administration’s authority.

• The justices agreed to hear the case on a rushed basis with a truncated briefing schedule, and it is unclear how quickly they will act.

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  1. The “vaccine” does NOT meet the definition of VACCINE. It is gene therapy. The “emergency” does NOT meet the definition of EMERGENCY, after 2 years. And, NATURAL IMMUNITY has been ignored. Early treatment with IVERMECTIN has been “demonized”. Please, SCOTUS, “put on your thinking cap” and CANCEL THE INSANITY…..

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