Supreme Court kicks off as Retirement SPECULATION of Justice Kennedy Rises

The Supreme Court is back in Session on Monday October the 2nd and it has allot on its plate and to boot, the prospect of a resignation or two adds an extra layer of drama and unpredictability surrounding the session as it kicks off.

The high court will begin its work with a full bench and a full plate of hot-button cases, including President Trump’s executive order on an earlier version of his “travel ban.”

That case is on hold for the moment, as President Trump’s initial order for a 90-day pause in travel from six nations has lapsed and the president has issued a new policy restricting travel indefinitely from nine nations. That prompted the high court to cancel scheduled oral arguments and is likely to toss the issue back to the lower courts — for now.


  • RELIGIOUS LIBERTY-whether a Colorado baker can be sanctioned for refusing to create a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, in violation of his stated Christian beliefs.
  • UNION FEES- Whether public employees who choose not to join a labor union have a First Amendment right to avoid paying dues supporting collective bargaining and other union activities.
  • GERRYMANDERING- how much state legislatures can use partisan gerrymandering, maneuvers that have benefitted Republicans in recent years.
  • PRIVACY RIHTS- Testing the limits of police tracking a suspect from his cell phone digital footprint.

JUSTICE KENNEDY: As we have reported on YouTube twice Justice Kennedy has hinted of retiring on Multiple Occasions.  No one is sure as to when it will happen but he has said he will not be around all of President Donald Trump’s first Term.

Justice kennedy’s influence as the court’s “swing” member — the deciding vote on a range of high-profile cases from gay marriage to immigration to abortion — has left his seat coveted by those on the right and left. Replacing him would launch an epic political fight, and could prove a boost to the Trump presidency itself.

If Justice Kennedy retires it could make the Trump Agenda move much faster as he would Nominate a Constitutional Conservative like Justice Neil Gorsuch to the bench.

CONCLUSION: The Country will be watching the Supreme court now more than ever, as the country tries to heal itself from the Infectious disease left by the Obama Years.  Everything that could be life changing for Americans is on the line as we wait to see if President Trump gets another Nomination for SCOTUS seat or Maybe even 2.




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