Super Pac going Super BIG for Trump

An outside Super PAC for President Trump intends to spend over $250 million in six battleground states as part of a major effort to boost reelected in 2020.

America First Action super PAC is preparing to pour resources into states with expensive media markets and high numbers of electoral votes.

By doing so, it hopes to clear space for Trump’s reelection campaign to spend its money in other key states with cheaper markets.

The states identified by America First are Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and Georgia, none of which has fewer than 15 electoral votes.

The group’s leaders believe a Trump victory is virtually guaranteed in 2020 if he wins all six. “We’re going to alleviate the burden on these six states that are must wins. They are the quickest path to the Electoral College,” Kelly Sadler, communications director for America First Action, told Reporters.

America First will focus this year on voter registration and collecting data that can be used to target messages for narrowly tailored demographic groups it believes will propel Trump to victory.

on another note, the Daily Caller has reported that more woman has donated to President Trump than any other Candidate for the Democrat ticket read it below!

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