State Department Debates Helping Venezuelans in Sanctuaries

In a telephone press conference Monday, Florida congressional Democrats called on Trump to allow Venezuelans in the U.S. to be eligible for Temporary Protected Status, a renewable humanitarian program that spares foreign nationals from deportation and allows them to work here if they are from a country deemed unsafe to return.

Trump is already working to shut down the TPS program for migrants who have been in the United States.

Roughly 300,000 migrants come from Nepal, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Sudan, Haiti and Honduras.

Democratic Rep. Donna Shalala,”The state of Florida is the home to thousands of Venezuelans, many are facing deportation to a country that has literally falling apart, It’s very important that TPS be extended to that community. I have challenged the president not to come to South Florida without announcing the extension of TPS.”

The President appeared at a Florida University on Monday, in favor of the Venezuelan people and against their President and his rulings.

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  1. NO WAY !!!!!!!!! LET VENEZUELIANS LIVE IT OUT YOU VOTED FOR WHAT YOU GOT. WE OWE THEM NOTHING. IF THEY WANT TO BECOME CITIZENS OF USA, DO IT THE RIGHT WAY. NO AID. Typical always a Democrat wanting to help foreigners instead of Americans First.

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