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Soros wants to Fund Reparations for Descendants of Slaves in California!…

According to new reports, Billionaire Democrat donor George Soros is interested in funding a national reparations project for descendants of slaves.

The radical liberal donor teamed up with 11 mayors headed by LA Mayor Garcetti to find the Mayors Organized for the Reparations and Equality fund. The new group aims to expand the movement of reparations throughout the country and force Congress to create a commission to study the matter thoroughly.

LA Mayor Garcetti has admitted that paying reparations would be costly and can not burden the taxpayers alone, so Soros has now stepped up as an investor.
This is not the first time Soros has funded something similar in the past; he invested 15 Million to return stolen items to Africa taken in colonial times.

As of right now, LA has allocated $500K for an advisory panel that would create a funding framework.

in a Live stream for Juneteenth, last Friday Garcetti said: “We’ve been listening to the demands and demonstrations, the urgent calls of justice from young people who have seen far too much, and Americans who have waited for far too long, families who have borne too steep a share of economic suffering,” he went on to say “While America is a land of opportunity for some, it remains a place of injustice, inequality, and indignity for too many of our black brothers and sisters.”

According to democrats, reparations would bring the standard of living for blacks more in line with whites noting that the Wealth gap between the two races in Los Angeles is 100 to 1. Nationwide the Gap is slightly better at 13%.

HR 40:
In Congress, the House is yet to vote on HR 40, which would create a commission on reparations.

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  1. Reparations if paid should come from the elite Democrats who owned slaves no the Republican families who lost ancestors during the civil war who gave their lives to free the slaves. George Soros is a Nazi and a Jew. George at the age of 14 was given to his father’s Christian friend to save his life and immediately began cooperating with the Nazi’s discovering and revealing the hiding places of Jewish families. His guardian would then take the valuables each Jewish family had enriching both George and his Guardian while sending hundreds of thousands to the gas chambers. George became the front man for the Rothschild’s who controlled the Democrat party after Linden Baines Johnson was sworn in as President within hours following the C.I.A.’S assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Day’s later the Nazi who Kennedy had banned from access to the United States Of America for his crimes against the Jewish people was given access and became the puppet for the Rothschild led Globalist dismantling of America. For the past 58 years this demon has been the director of the program to dismantle the greatest country on earth America. George is leading, and funding the illegal alien assault on free nations around the world including funding the attack on America’s southern border . Soros is the chief funder of Antifa and Black Lives Matter as billions are funneled through his 501c3’s. Soros has used his so called charities working with the C.I.A. and playing major roles in the last 19 color revolutions including this the 33rd. color revolution that we have been experiencing since we the people rose up against leftist insanity electing Donald John Trump the 45th President of what we believed was a free and just nation. The Rothschild banking cabal had seized control of America in 1871 and for 150 years this nation has not been either free, just, or fair. Adam Schiff’s ancestor Jacob Schiff was the first Rothschild henchman arriving in 1880 to rob Americans who were now debt slaves under the Rothschild manipulated take over of America. Soros controls the same position held by Jacob Schiff 140 years ago.

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