Snowden Slams Assange’s Arrest says Dark Day for Press Freedom

On Thursday, Edward Snowden, ranted on Twitter about Assange’s arrest all morning and he says this is a dark day for journalism.

EDWARD SNOWDEN: Snowden lives in Russia under political asylum after being charged with stealing U.S. Government property and violating the Espionage Act of 1917. Therefore, Assange’s arrest may hit really close to home for Snowden.

EDWARD SNOWDEN: Snowden claims this day is a “dark day for journalism.”

Edward stated this on Twitter Thursday morning.

Snowden went on to tweet more sources, updates, and information on the WIkiLeaks’ founder’s arrest.

He tweeted on updates as well

CONCLUSION: Edward Snowden is not happy at all for the arrest of Julian Assange and Snowden has been going off on Twitter all morning to release his frustration.

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