Sick Texas Couple Arrested for Locking 3 kids in Cabinets with Zip Ties…

A Texas couple is facing multiple felonies after allegedly abusing three children by locking them with Zip Ties in Kitchen cabinets for days at a time.

• The hideous incident happened in San Antonio, Texas.

• New reports state that Jesus Martinez (30) and Valerie Diaz (34) are being accused of abuse and endangerment of 3 children.

• Diaz is the biological mother, and Martinez was her boyfriend.

• Diaz claims she would put the children in the kitchen cabinet when they misbehaved, but Martinez would lock them in using screws and zip ties.

• Diaz called the police on Martinez back in December, stating that the children had been locked in the cabinet for days.

• Both Martinez and Diaz were arrested for questioning

• Diaz accused Martinez of beating the children with a belt and an open hand.

• The children told child services that they would often soil themselves when locked in the cabinets as the doors were bolted shut or tied.

• Martinez is facing three counts of felony child endangerment and three counts of unlawful restraint.

• Diaz will be facing child endangerment charges.


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