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SHOCKING Video Shows NYC Mayor Eric Adams using Racial Slurs and Admitting to Smoking Weed!..

In an unearthed video of the new NYC mayor, eric Adams shows him using a racial slur when talking about policing also admits to smoking weed.

• The Video is from 2019; it shows him speaking to the Harlem Business Alliance constituents about his time at the NYPD.

• On the shocking video shows Adams calling White officers he worked with as crackers.

• He also admitted to smoking weed, something that is soon to be legal in New York.

• Adams was asked about the slur he used in 2019 at a press conference, prompting him to apologize.

• His FAKE apology starts at around the 28-minute marker.

• The radical and left-wing New York Police Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch addressed the mayor’s previous comments in a Friday statement, saying, “whenever a controversial video of a police officer surfaces online, we ask for fairness instead of a rush to outrage.”
the radical went on to say, “We will apply the same standard here. We have spoken with Mayor Adams about this video,” he continued “We have spent far too many hours together in hospital emergency rooms these past few weeks, and we’ve worked together for decades before that.”

• Crime is now completely out of control since Adams took office. In the middle of the out-of-control crime spike, two officers were killed in the line of duty.

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