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SHOCKING Video Shows Iranian Military Taunting American Warship USS Essex!..

The Pentagon accused Iran of displaying an “Unsafe and Unprofessional.” display of conduct by one of their naval helicopters as it flew within 25 yards from a US Navy Ship near the Gulf of Oman.

• The Helicopter circled the USS Essex three times, says the Pentagon. The video shows the helicopter getting close enough to see the aircraft on the ship clearly.

• The video was first published on Iranian Telegram channels as it shows Iranian military personnel took the video then posted it on social media.

• This is the USS ESSEX

• The incident happened on November 11th 2021

• The Pentagon Spokesperson said the Iranian helicopter circled the Essex three times and at one point hovered 10 feet over the water on the side of the ship.

• This is not the first time Iranian forces have provoked US military warships as the US Navy has periodically reported unsafe and unprofessional encounters with Iran.

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