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SHOCKING Footage Shows Mexican Cartels Dropping Bombs on Rivals Via Drone!..

A newly released video shows how Mexican drug cartels use drones to drop bombs on rivals!

• The Jalisco New Generation cartel is taking credit for the SHOCKING footage of bombs being dropped from the sky via drone

• The incident happened in the state of Michoacan Mexico

• The Full video is around 2 minutes long but was cut to show the actual footage of the drop, and the rest is just the drone falling to the ground after being shot down from the ground by rival cartel gunmen.

• At the same time, gunmen from the CJNG cartel launched offensives in different parts of the city, where they launched the bomb attack via drone.

• The Mayor of the town where the attacks are taking place is heard in leaked audio pleading to the Federal Government for help as bloodshed has stained the town in recent weeks.

• According to inhabitants in the area, the cartel has complete impunity and shows its force without repercussions from their local Government or the Mexican Government in full.

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