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SHOCK: 51K Afghan ‘Refugees’ Released into American Communities by Biden in 2021!

Biden has released Afghan refugees into American cities in 2021 as hundreds of thousands remain in camps in US military bases!

• 50K Afghan evacuees have been processed and released into America’s heartland.

• US department of homeland security has closed another camp at a military base.

• Fort Bliss in Texas has joined Virginia in releasing thousands of refugees into American cities.

• Indiana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Virginia, and Wisconsin still housing another 225K Afghanis.

• More than 75k were airlifted into the US during Operation Allies Welcome launched by Biden.

• Afghan refugees are being processed and released at around 500 per day on multiple bases around the country.

• Many of the Afghans’ releases are not eligible for a special Visa, but Biden doesn’t care he I am just releasing them anyway.

• The only checks the afghans are getting is a basic medical screening and then released.

• Mayorkas instructed UCIS not to interview anyone to process them based on any information on file and send them to health screenings to be released.

• The fast process has garnered criticism from Republicans, but they are so useless, dickless, and spinless that they are doing NOTHING to stop it.

• Republicans are even helping the Democrats.

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  1. Dem wolves in wolves’ clothing are easy to spot; it’s those Repugnant wolves in sheep’s clothing that do the most damage….

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