Shifty Schiff Shifts on Impeachment

Democrat Adam “Shifty” Schiff  said on Sunday that the facts in the impeachment inquiry are “not contested” but that he has not yet personally decided where he stands in terms of supporting the impeachment of President Trump an Impeachment that he is spearheading. Schiff, who has led the probe up to this point , said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the “facts” are “not contested.”


The Impeachment scam is on life support, the next step is now up to Pelosi.  But once it reaches the Senate if it ever does it will be DOA.

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  1. The comunistic demacrats should be held for treason , they are out of the minds thinking your going to take our freedom and constitutional rights away with your communistic agenda.
    This country will not bow down to dictators…
    Adam schiff has lied so much in this impeachment, then has the audacity to say after caught ohh… it was a joke, a joke that he wanted the communistic news outlets to push on the public before mentioning it was a joke. Well the joke is on you come 2020
    God Bless America and President Trump KAG 2020

  2. Adam Schiff should have to testify at a military trial and if found guilty of treason then he should have to face the consequences of his actions

  3. it’s really sad to see what’s going on in America today when we have a chance to do so well because we have a president that will work for us things need to change and this is definitely been a terrible thing for a president who could just so much

  4. Shifty Shiff is a total disgrace & should be removed!!! DISQUSTING!!! #TRUMP2020 #WALKAWAY #MAGA #KAG

  5. You are looking and listening to a man from HISTORY. His political career will be OVER before or on November 6, 2020. Like the guy that played Dad for me used to say, “He’s a LIAR and a CHEAT, and they are the Worst kind of man.”.

  6. Once life support is disconnected, is dead, so isn’t going anywhere, Mr. President is gonna be once again The President, that is God’s will, and Democrats just have to work for The People or move on.

  7. How would ANY AMERICAN CITIZEN want a case brought against them to be handled this way???? The accusers are The Judge Jury and Executioner and only their Spin on what bears no resemblance to the material the charges are based on?? I mean this is SCARY, SHAMEFUL, DANGEROUS, DECEITFUL and all for bigger Reasons most Americans can’t begin to believe or understand! This is a horrible display of the worse Sour Grapes!!! There was a BIGGER AGENDA ruined when HRC didn’t win. The Left has done their level best to obscur the Truth no matter how OBVIOUS. Common Sense is vacant except by THE PEOPLE. We are smarter than they think and there are more places to get reliable truth to Americans as well as education on the Constitution that they are hiding from our children pushing Socialism under a different kind of equality. The Constitution already guarantees equality but with FREEDOM!! Unlike the Socialist idea of equality it’s the Government doles out THE LEVEL OF EQUALITY without the Freedom the equality is different!!! It leaves it up to EACH INDIVIDUAL an EQUAL CHANCE at success or fulfilling dreams, whatever those dreams might be!

  8. The only facts that I’ve seen not contested while watching that sham hearing, are the facts that there wasn’t any quid pro quo on the part of the POTUS. And no bribery. PERIOD

  9. well i do not think it will be DOA if it goes to senate, i think Trump and team will demolish the demon rats and expose the true crime

  10. Not a single Republican vote for, and at least two Democrats (before this Shit show) that were unwilling to vote for it. Probably many more “defectors” from their cause after this fiasco.

  11. It was as we all know dead on arrival before it ever started! Another Democrat hoax to steal our tax dollars on showing us how they still haven’t gotten over losing an election!

  12. What a disgusting,liar corrupt and incompetent member of Congress , we the people have the power to impeach them all in Nov 2020, I am ashamed of being Democrat for so long. VOTE MAGA 2020

  13. Prediction: the house will not vote for impeachment, but censure.

    Reason: the dems do not want Adam schiff, the whistle blower and Hunter biden to testify.

    And the dems need to xampaign so no time for impeachment.

  14. Yes you cannot contest the fact they’re all in the Republicans favor no quid pro quo no bribery no nothing. You cannot change those facts

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