Sheriffs go to Capitol Hill to Enforce More Money to ICE

Dozens of sheriffs headed to Capitol Hill on Monday, after failed negotiations in the House of Reps, sheriffs are furious and demand action to be taken immediately.

Bristol County, Mass. Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson had this to say, “We are at wits end on this…This really is a catastrophe.”

Hodgson is one of 60 key sheriffs meeting with the House Freedom Caucus on the steps of the U.S. Capitol today before hitting individual House and Senate offices to lobby for wall and ICE funding.

National Sheriffs’ Association and the Major County Sheriffs of America, delivered letters to House and Senate immigration negotiators to warn against Democratic efforts to put a cap on the number of criminal illegal immigrants that can be held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The groups said that about 8,300 criminal aliens would have to be immediately released if the cap went into effect.

Hodgson said that his jail holds some 200 criminal illegal immigrants and he bluntly said that if any were to be freed, they would go out and commit more crimes.

“We’d have to release these people to go out and commit more crimes,” he stated.

“They put our people at risk just to take care of their political agenda,” he continued.

Bob Salara, Republicans National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman, emailed today, “House Democrats have become so deranged by their hatred of President Trump that they’ve found ANOTHER reason to shut down the government. This time, three weeks after voting for a funding bill that placed no restrictions on detaining criminal illegals, they’re demanding a cap on the number of criminals ICE is allowed to detain for deportation.”

ICE would be required to stop arresting criminal illegal immigrants once a cap of 16,500 is met.

The President has had a lot to stay about the situation in his tweets.

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