Senile and Unhinged Joe Biden SHOWS his TRUE Colors

Joe Biden went on an unhinged rant in Michigan over guns that do not exist and talking points, which he supported now he says he does not.
Biden was campaigning in Michigan meeting with unions in the state that went for Trump in the 2016 Election when a Patriot asked him about guns this is what happened next…

Another angle 

eyes level view of the exchange:

Joe got the following hashtag Trending

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  1. Didn’t see Biden challenge the guy to go outside one-on-one! The guy would whoop his ass!

  2. They will be taking him out in a straight jacket after he gets into more heated exchanges. The Demo-rat party must be shaking in their boots if this guy goes up against Trump. I don’t believe there will be debate. Trump’s record alone will beat anyone who runs against him. The Demo-rats will look for a way out of the debates.

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