Senator Lindsey Graham Clashes with Trump over Social Distancing

Senator Lindsey Graham Calls on President Trump NOT to call off Social Distancing after the ’15 days’ saying Tony Fauci is right When he said to do ‘more not less when it comes to containment’

  • The 15 Days to Stop the spread ends Monday March 30th
  • Senator Lindsey Graham advised President Trump not to end his ‘aggressive containment policies’ too early as reports of coronavirus Spreading all over the nation 

  • President Trump hinted Monday morning he supports ending social distancing after the 15 day period

  • ‘President Trump’s best decision was stopping travel from China early on. I hope we will not undercut that decision by suggesting we back off aggressive containment policies,’  Graham Graham said

  • The president spent the morning retweeting people who credit him with slowing down the spread by stopping flights coming in from China

  • Dr. Tony Fauci, has warned that it may take ‘several weeks’ of social distancing to slow the spread of the coronavirus 

  • Trump has agreed with the idea that only high-risk groups remain isolated in the past but today…

  • Social Distancing has resulted in many states Like California, Washington State and New York to shut down businesses and public areas to stop the Spread resulting in Americans no being able to work

  • There is a growing concern about the U.S. economy regarding Social distancing and Lockdowns as companies shut down and lay off hundred of thousands 

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  1. This crisis has taught me to always have an emergency savings of three to six months.

  2. I think we need to reopen our country! Keep stress on the fact that if people are sick they need to stay home. Some business may not recover from this ridiculous shutdown!

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