Senate Wants To Reprimand Trump But Let Obama Reign Free

Senate Republicans have been holding discussions about amending a resolution that revokes Trump’s emergency declaration, scolding him for asserting authority over the federal budget to fund his border wall.

Senator said this, John Kennedy, “I have heard discussion about trying to express concern about separations of powers issues and maybe reining some of the powers back. It’s been all over the map. My sense is it won’t come together.”

The House Democrats passed a resolution that would revoke the president’s national emergency declaration which diverts $3.6 billion in military construction funding for the building of physical barriers along the southern border.

The President pledged to veto any resolution that reaches his desk but that doesn’t seem to stop Democrats from trying repeatedly.

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  1. I am getting sick and tired but mainly sick of these libtards (with a D or a R) behind their name attacking and thwarting my President and the American Agenda. Donald J Trump sincerely loves our country and All it’s citizens. He is NOT a racist, he is NOT a homophobe, he is NOT an Islamaphobe, and he is NOT Putin’s puppet! Putin would have MUCH rather it being the Hildabeast at the helm of the mighty ship called The United States of America! I (and other righteous Patriots thank God daily for POTUS45)
    I feel the boil is festering, the pressure within expanding quite rapidly. That boil and THE INFECTION, the poison, has to be ripped out before it spreads deeper and further out and becomes Septic.

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